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Mabs N Ortho: We are certified ISO 9001 :2000 ISO 13485: 2003, qualified for Good Manufacturing Practice approved by the FDA USA and CE mark approved...
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Our Certifications
Dental Instruments  
01- Explorers, Delicate, Flexible, Probes
02- Amalgam Pistolen
03- Tooth Extracting Forceps
04- Instruments for Root Fragments
05- Tooth Forceps for Children
06- Scalers, Curettes
07- Periodontometer
08- Titan handels,Working tips
09- Grinding Stones, Sterilizable
010- Periodontal Instruments & Files
011- Raspatories, Files, Chisel
012- Mucotome, Tongue & Plasters Spatulas
013- Micro Scalpels, Gingivectomy Knives & Handle for Blade
014- Periodontal Surgery Sets, Munster Pattern
015- Endodontic Microsurgical Set
016- Mouth Mirrors, Handles,Napkin Holder, Saliva Ejector
017- Tooth Tweezers
018- Mouth Gags, Retractors
019- Gum, Surgical, Ligatur, Bandage Scissors
020- Dissecting, Dressing, Delicate Tissue, Haemostatic Forceps
021- Towel Clamps
022- Awls & Suction Instruments
023- Bone Curettes
024- Bone Rongeurs, Bone Cutting & Bone Holding Forceps
025- Needle Holders & Needle cases
026- Osteotomes & Mallets
027- Reposition Forceps
028- Elevators
029- Plastic Filling Instruments & Exaxial Set
030- Burnisher & Nerve Instruments
031- Impression Trays
032- Crown Instruments, Removing Pliers, Plate Scissors & Wire
033- Waxing Instruments
034- Pliers for Technic, Orthodontics
035- Wire Bending Pliers & Wire Cutters
036- Excavators
037- Rubber-Dam Instruments
038- Matrices, Matrix Retainers
039- Composite - Instruments, Freiburg Pattern
040- Separating Forceps, Band Seater
041- Sterimax
042- Kidney Trays, Round Bowls, Guaze Case
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