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Mabs N Ortho: We are certified ISO 9001 :2000 ISO 13485: 2003, qualified for Good Manufacturing Practice approved by the FDA USA and CE mark approved...
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Our Certifications
Surgical Instruments  
01- Scalpels
02- Scissors
03- Forceps
04- Retractors
05- Probes
06- Diagnostics
07- Trocars, Suction Tubes, Cannulas
08- Anaesthesia
09- Suture
010- Dressings
011- Bone surgery
012- Cardiovascular Surgery
013- Eurosurgery, Laminectomy
014- Tracheotomy
015- Dermatology
016- Stomach, Intestines, Rectum
017- Urology
018- Gynecology
019- Obstetrics
020- Calipers
021- Otology
022- Rhinology
023- oral maxillo-facial surgery
024- Laryngo-Bronchoscopy
025- Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery
026- Hygiene Storage
027- Miscellaneous
028- Holloware Stainless Steel Products
029- Miscellaneous
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